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Welcome to Making it Click

Frustrated with worthless ebooks and redundant blog posts, we decided to take years of experience consulting for the world's biggest brands & create actionable, non-boring tutorials.

Making it Click members have access to a repository of online video training courses on a myriad of marketing topics - with new courses every month. The lessons are straightforward, occasionally quirky & provide real-life, revenue-driving value.

Most importantly, Making it Click passes our two litmus tests. We're proud to put our names behind it & we'd feel good about selling a membership to our own family.

- Danny Dover & Sam Niccolls

Meet the Hosts


Danny Dover

Danny Dover is the author of the best selling book Search Engine Optimization Secrets (Wiley 2011), the former Senior SEO Manager at AT&T and the former Lead SEO at SEOmoz.

Danny has worked for many of the biggest brands in the world and spends his extra time completing his 150+ item bucket list.


“Danny makes online marketing actionable for the average person, more importantly he makes it lethal for the seasoned online marketing veteran.”
- Young Truong (Owner, Sparkplug Digital)

Sam Niccolls

Sam is an online marketer specializing in traffic and customer acquisition. Formerly an SEO consultant and blogger at, Sam's work has been read by over 100,000 people worldwide and he's worked with companies such as Sony, Etsy, Zillow, Real Networks, Microsoft & a myriad of others to implement web-based strategies and reach business goals.

“I call Sam when I need the cavalry to come in and work on a
complex marketing issue.”
- Stephen Simburg (Product Manager,


Topics Covered in the Video Series

Intro to Online Marketing

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Conversion Rate Optimization


Search Engine Optimization


Pay Per Click


Google Analytics
Google Analytics

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Email Marketing
E-mail Marketing

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Local Online Marketing
Local Online Marketing

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Daily Deals
Daily Deals

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Setting Up A Website
Setting Up a Website

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Social Media
Social Media

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Conversion Rate Optimization

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the art and science of getting online visitors to perform an action you want. Whether it is buying your product or signing up for your e-mail list, CRO is the easiest and cheapest method for you to increase the amount of times this happens.

Why Conversion Rate Optimization Matters

Would you rather buy 1,000 additional clicks to your website or would you rather earn 1,000 sales? They are not the same thing! Making it Click teaches you Conversion Rate Optimization methods so that you can focus on getting the most out of the visitors you already have instead of wasting money by buying more useless traffic.


Key Principals of CRO

Unlike other channels of online marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization can be broken down into about half a dozen highly actionable methods. Learn our processes so that you can improve the performance of all of your pages.


How to Design a Website for Conversions

Conversion Rate Optimization starts at the very first step of outlining your website. Learn how to think about it from the beginning so that you do have to start over again at the end.


How to Rank on Google With Search Engine Optimization?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) is the art and science of influencing search results for both humans and search engines. The best SEOs are the ones that know SEO is about far more than just gaming Google. Learn how to optimize your content and marketing strategies so that you can use search engines to send you free qualified traffic so that you can convert clicks into real paying customers.

How to Get Your Website to Rank Well

SEO is usually complicated but it doesn't need to be. Making it Click with teach you how to rank well by laying out step-by-step instructions for how to use white-hat methods to improve your rankings. SEO is not simply a matter of paying the consultant with the highest fees, it is a matter of doing the work that will influence your specific search market.


Why Does it Matter?

Why do SEO if you can just pay Google to rank higher in the sponsored results? A good question. A better question may be how often do you click on the sponsored results. Our guess is not nearly as often as you click on an organic result. SEO, as opposed to paid search marketing, affects organic search results. This means you see your results improve in the area of search result pages where people are clicking most often.



What words do your potential clients or customers use to search for you or your competitors? These are the words that are most important to your online marketing. Making it Click will teach you how to identify the right keywords and where to use this information to optimize your campaigns.


Google Search Results

Search results on Google are quickly evolving. Learn what to look for, how to react and what the many changes of Google likely mean for your evolving marketing plans. (Don't worry, it is not as scary as it sounds!) The Internet moves quickly, Making it Click will help you keep up.


Where Searchers Click

This seemingly simple question actually has an extremely complicated answer. Making it Click will teach you why this is and what you should do about it. Not all clicks are created equally. You need to optimize your online marketing efforts and this online course will teach you how.


Exclusive Videos with

Rand Fishkin

CEO of SEOmoz

For over a decade Rand has been the most trusted & recognized name in SEO. In addition to having over 60,000 Twitter followers & over 125,000 blog subscribers - he's headlined hundreds of conferences, published multiple books & trained thousands around the world on the topic of SEO.

In a highly informative multi-part series, the CEO of SEOmoz shares powerful insights exclusively with Making it Click members.

How to Run Pay-Per-Click Ads Using Google Adwords


Designing Your Website for Conversions

Your goal should not be simply to send more traffic to your website, it should be to have more conversions. Making it Click will teach you how to build a website that maximizes the amount of times a visitor entering through paid traffic will leave only after completing the action you wanted them to come for in the first place.

Learn How Adwords Works

While the basic concepts of Adwords are simple, the subtleties are complicated and potentially very expensive. Learn the tricks and tips that professional Adwords marketers are using to maximize value for their clients.

Setting Up Your First Campaign

Theory is not good enough! Take the most important step and take what you learn and convert it into actual customers by using our step-by-step instructions to build your first highly optimized Adwords campaign.


Google Search Network

Normally when people think of ads on Google, they think about the ads presented on Google search result pages. This platform (the Google Search Network) is actually only a small piece of Google's total ad real estate.


Google Content Network

The larger part of Google's ad real estate is on the Google Content Network. This network is made up of standardized ad space on millions of different websites around the web. While these ads typically don't convert as well as the Search Network, they are normally priced much cheaper.